Let’s do it the delivery way!

The alternative that is proposed by George Monbiot is a good one. George Monbiot suggests that supermarkets should be replaced by warehouses. Thus, they would come to reduce traffic on roads caused due to shopping. As well, this alternative will reduce the lightning that is used in supermarkets. But not only that, George Monbiot also promotes that it will reduce the heating that is used in those supermarkets and their packaging system.

Geroge Monbiot argues that if we replace our supermarket by warehouses, people will be able to take advantage of our delivery system. So people would no longer need to walk to these big store or even lose their time in these stores for choosing what products they want or and need. By replacing our current system of shopping by the delivery alternatives, companies will be able to reduce their packaging resources. They will be able to do so because, the packaging will no longer be important. People will see their product online via the internet. The products would no longer require to be packed in boxes that will usually be transported to these supermarkets where all the products will be unpacked and then put on shelves.

George Monbiot also says that our traffic on roads could diminish by up to 70%, since 1 delivery car will replace three usual cars. Not only that the traffic will be reduced, the carbon emission that is presently caused by usual cars can also be reduced by 80% to 90%.

Warehouses, as George Monbiot presents in his article “Virtual Shopping”, will have no need for product display, which means no need for shelves. Because all the products will be put in warehouses, there will be no need for stock rooms, which will cut the static energy consumption. Because products will no longer require displays, the fancy packaging will be eliminated as well. This gives a rise to a more “green” production business for supermarkets.

In over all, this proposition to switch supermarkets to warehouses and create the delivery alternative is seemingly the best one. This suggestion will reduce the energy consumed due to heating reduction; the traffic on our roads and its carbon emission; and the packaging system will require fewer trees to be dropped on our grounds. By implying such a system, it will be the first step into becoming a more green society!

Topic 3: “Virtual Shopping”  

Words: 392

By: Karina Vakhroucheva


One thought on “Let’s do it the delivery way!”

  1. Karina: You identify the key points Monbiot makes in his article and give some useful statistics to back up the argument. I think your organization could be tighter in places. You don’t name Monbiot’s article until your fourth paragraph (it should be in your introduction), and you talk about packaging in both your second and forth paragraph.Watch your word choice and sentence structure.

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