YES to Prop 37!

By Monique Ruiz

Michael Pollan’s article Vote for the Dinner Party suggests that Food Companies should label GMO nutrients. Don’t we all have the right to know where our food comes from and what does it contain? By labeling our food, we will gain confident and knowledge to what we eat every day. This also gives the people a choice to eat healthier food that contain non-genetically modified organism and develop a better lifestyle.

We often ask ourselves where most of the food we eat comes from and what it contains. Most people will overact and will refuse to buy food in supermarkets. Numerous media broadcast stories concerning food that contain certain chemicals. This created a big issue on whether people should trust what they eat. If we start labeling GMO food, industries will gain people’s trust back. This also prevents false information to spread. Instead of leading people to false beliefs, it is better to tell them in person by labeling GMO food. We will no longer have the fear to eat the food we purchase. In addition, we are well informed to what we eat. In that case, we have the likelihood to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Before reading Michael Pollan’s article Vote for the Dinner Part, most of us probably didn’t know that food industries put massive amount of pesticides on the food we eat. We are not longer talking about food and its labeling. We are talking about a more important issue; our health. It is hard to convince people on putting GMO labels on food. We adapted a lifestyle that we eat whatever we want regardless what it contains. But it is never too late! If companies put GMO labels on food, there is a possible chance that people would start buying non-GMO nutrients. If this occurs, farmers will no longer have the authority on how they should process food and people would eat less non-GMO food.

Polland tells us that we have the right to know what is in our food. We depend so much on food industries that we forget that we have rights as well. We will gain trust by educating ourselves. We will decide for our own and develop a newly improve lifestyle. If there is nothing wrong with GMO labels, then why numerous companies are against it? This tells me that they have something to hide, and we have the right to know about it.


One thought on “YES to Prop 37!”

  1. Monique: You make some good points about labeling GM food, but I think your body paragraphs could use more focus and evidence (at least one quotation) from your source material. In places awkward or unclear phrases tend to obscure what you are trying to say. Watch grammar and typos. (I like the prop Prop 37 commercial you link to).

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