The irony of cars

With cars, trains and airplanes around us, it is very tempting to minimize our walking in order to get somewhere. It is true that using these transports might be practical for us, but ironically it might also be harmful for us. In the text “Confessions of a straphanger” by Taras Grescoe, suggests that we should rather use the public transport over private cars, as these two are already harmful as a part of our lifestyle, one might just be more sustainable than the other.

Of course, many of us would chose to own a private car, especially if one could afford it. A car always seems more comfortable and cosier, if compared to a public transport which seems more uncomfortable and irritating. However, public transport is a more sustainable way of using transits. Public transport allows the society to have less cars on its roads, which means that it allows to cut down the emission of Co2 produced by cars. For any transit to work, it needs a lot of oil; a natural resource that we are exploiting to the max. This invisible loop that has been created between exploiting, polluting and fixing has gone too far. As citizens, the majority of us are concerned that the emission of co2 has impacted our environment, but despised that we still continue using the transit – either is the public transport or a privately owned car.  In the text “Confessions of a Straphanger”, Taras Grescoe points out that: “Nine out of ten American commuters get to work by car, and more than three-quarters of these car commuters drive to work alone.” See, if these cars were up be replaced with buses, not only traffic caused due to high car congestions would be reduced, the emission of the Co2 caused by cars would also be reduced. So using the public transport might not be completely ecological, but it might in fact be more sustainable than using private cars.

 As I said before, how ironic it might be, people would always favor cars over the public transit. For the simple reasons of not wanting to wait for the bus on a cold day, or not wanting to stand in the transit because there is no seat, a private car will always seem as the ideal way of transport. However, this “coziness” which is more of a “laziness” would need to become a concern. As our environment is being strongly impacted, we should all think more about the sustainability of our energy resources.

By: Karina vakhroucheva

Word: 418

Topic: Energy 


One thought on “The irony of cars”

  1. Karina: You have some good ideas in this post, but it needs to be organized and written more carefully. The big body paragraph should be divided into smaller, more focused paragraphs. Writing errors include word choice, sentence structure and grammar.

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